Giving Blood

I donated blood for the first time in my life about a month ago…It was an amazing experience..very surreal!

It just felt plain and simple good..Unconditional giving!

My blood group is AB+ve and I’m a universal platelet donor..I was reading through some documentation that they gave me while I was donating blood..Our local blood banks are perennially short of blood supplies all year around. If each one of us make it a point to donate blood once a couple of months..we would make a tremendous difference…every time a new donor donates blood for the first time …he saves a life!! now that hit me really hard..I was probably saving a life…something my parents have been doing all their life..(not coz they donate blood..but they are both doctors!)

Saving a life can be a very empowering experience….it was for the same time I didn’t treat it as an ego boost or ego trip..I’m still very aware and thankful that I did have the chance to give blood ..and I’m going to make this a regular practice!

I just got this letter from the blood bank in the mail last week.

Thanks you for Giving Blood


~ by amitenvisioned on June 2, 2008.

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